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V. Rees
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FEES: All talent fees are to be paid directly to the agency. 

PRINT: Talent are booked on individual hourly rates with a one-hour minimum. Time exceeding the on-hour minimum is billed on the half-hour. Length of job must be specified at time of booking. Talent will be paid for time specified whether all of the time is used or not. Talent’s time begins at the call time. 

HAIR & MAKEUP: Preparation is at full hourly rate when the same day as shoot. Hair and professional makeup consultations or checks on separate day from the shoot are billed at half the hourly rate with a one-hour maximum.  

DAY RATES: A day booking is nine consecutive hours with a one-hour lunch break. A day rate must be requested in advance of the booking and cannot be changed after the talent has arrived at the job. The full day rate will be paid even if the entire time is not used. Six times the hourly rate allows up to eight hours of work. 

HANDS, LEGS & FEET: Full individual hourly rates apply. 

WARDROBE CHECKS AND FITTINGS: Full rate applies with one half-hour minimum. A fee of $15 per change will be charged for complete wardrobe supplied by the model; $30 per garment for formal wear supplied by the model. Wardrobe fees are used to cover the cost of cleaning. 

SHOPPING FEE: When talent is asked to shop for specific wardrobe, talent will be paid their hourly rate for one hour of shopping time; one hourly rate for two hours of shopping time. 

POLAROIDS: There is no charge for an ID Polaroid at an audition or a go-see. If wardrobe is tried on, merchandise used in the shot, hairstyle and/or makeup required, the hourly rate applies with a one-hour minimum. 

TEST JOBS: Tests must be cleared with the agency prior to the booking. No release will be signed, the talent’s hourly rate will be billed with a one hour minimum. 

USAGE: Usage must be stated at the time of the booking. Usage fees are to be negotiated with the agency prior to the actual booking. Usage fees are in addition to the talent’s hourly or day session rates. Billboards, national ads, consumer product packaging, poster, point-of-purchase displays or use of models name all constitute a “premium” subject to usage fee negotiations. Usage rights are limited to the specific rights granted (i.e. geographical, term, media) and may not be extended without negotiation. 

EXCLUSIVITY AND PRODUCT CLEARANCE: Check all bookings with the agency for possible conflicts. Exclusivity requires a separate negotiated contract. 

HOLD-ON-ICE: A hold ”on ice” means the right of first refusal for talent’s time. “On ice” must be confirmed 24 hours (1 working day) prior to “call” time, otherwise definite secondaries or definite bookings could take precedence. The agency reserves the right to request firm bookings within 2 hours of inquiry or else definite secondaries or definite bookings will take precedence. All tentatives must be confirmed or are automatically released 24 hours prior to tentative bookings schedule.

WEATHER PERMIT: Type of “weather permit” should be specified at the time of the booking i.e. rain, fog, sunshine. Talent reserves the right to decline outdoor bookings in extreme weather. 

TIME AND A HALF: Any time exceeding the day rate (8 hours plus one hour lunch = day rate) will be billed at 1.5 times the hourly rate. Time and a half is charged after 9 hours, after 8 hours if no lunch break is given, before 7 AM and after 7 PM and on weekends unless specific arrangements have been negotiated with the agency. 

EXTRAS: All extra rates are negotiable based on length of the booking and types of background talent needed. Apprentices and family group rates are available. 

ALL S.A.G. & A.F.T.R.A. bookings are covered by standard union contracts. If stills are taken on those bookings, the talent’s the talent’s hourly print rate for hours worked will be billed in addition to the negotiated union rates. Non-union bookings are negotiated on a project-by-project basis. 

CANCELLATION FEES FOR CONFIRMED BOOKINGS: WEATHER PERMIT: No fee will be charged if the talent is notified before the talent leaves home as long as the talent was booked on a weather permit. ALL OTHERS: 24 hours or less before ”call times”, full fee. 


1. Notify agency if double, triple or group booking.

2. Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements.

3. When weather permit in effect, specify exact weather


4. Provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings.

5. Give the address and phone number of all booking


6. Confirm all booking fees prior to actual booking.

7. Give booker all pertinent billing instructions. 

VOUCHERS: THE CLIENT AND THE TALENT MUST LEGIBLY FILL OUT AND SIGN THE LEMODELN PAYMENT VOUCHER AT THE END OF EACH BOOKING. Especially important is sign-in and check-out times. The voucher will take precedence over any and all other contracts or releases. Please note the special usage areas. 

BILLING PROCEDURE: In order to efficiently bill, the booker needs client’s name and address, department #, purchase order #, job order #, product or project title, and authorized individual who will approve payment.  

AGENCY AND CASTING FEE: There is a 20% agency service fee charge on all bookings, usage fees, and bonuses. Casting fees are determined by how many roles, how much actual audition and editing time. Minimum charge is $35. 

PAYMENT OVER 30 DAYS: A 2.5% finance charge per month will be added to all invoices not paid in full within 30 days.